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Project Highlights

Mobile Mini is a nationwide provider of portable / mobile storage solutions serving various organizations in the construction, oil and gas, government and hospitality industries among others.  Now that we’re pointing them out to you, you’ll see their units everywhere.  In parking lots, at construction sites, behind schools, next to hotels and behind restaurants.


The Challenge

The challenges of this project were threefold.  First, the client found itself on an outdated and inflexible CMS which left them relying on developers to make even the simplest changes.  Second, the client had recently completed a few acquisitions and was in need of a brand consolidation bringing the three firms together and presenting them with a single experience.  Finally, with more than 150 locations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Mobile Mini wanted to explore a localized marketing approach reaching out to customers where they live and work. 


The Solution

In order to address these challenges, we first recommended (as we often do), the Drupal CMS.  After working with and building sites using most of the content management systems on the market over the past 20 years, we recommend Drupal because it allows us to tailor the solution as we balance clients’ needs for automation, control and flexibility.  Furthermore, it is the one system which, properly architected, will allow us to continue to build and pivot as strategy shifts, a very important consideration for a rapidly growing mid-tier ($300M) company.  Our implementation of Drupal drastically simplified the content editing experience, so much so that with a little training the client’s marketing team created most of the pages themselves.

Second, we worked closely with teams across the client’s organization to ensure that the final product aligned with and consolidated the various acquisitions.  In order to ensure we built the right thing, we worked very closely with the client to develop an information architecture to represent the company and its customers. The result was the organization of the content into three primary business units: Portable Storage, Tank and Pump and Ground Level Offices and a re-organization of the products in an easily navigable manner.  This also paid off down the road in the form of increased time-on-site, improved navigation and, ultimately, increased conversions.

As part of this solution, Mobile Mini’s marketing team also wanted to take a local approach to their marketing.  With over 150 locations in three countries, they had access to a broad range of stories to share from across their ecosystem. In order to deliver pertinent information, we built a customized personalization solution which approximates users’ locations and matches them with Mobile Mini stories from their own communities. 

Finally, we were very careful to design the site in such a way that it can adapt to this growing company’s future needs.  This turned out to be a critical component down the line.


The Results

Within the first 90 days after launch, the following results were measured:

  • 500% increase in customer use of the company’s new portal.
  • 40% increase in time-on-site
  • 40% reduction in bounce rate
  • 23% increase of leads year over year
  • 30% increase in site conversions

In 2018, Mobile Mini and Igility were awarded the Acquia Engage Award for Best Return on Investment for this work and the results that were achieved.

Since then, Igility has worked with Mobile Mini to continuously improve the site in both design and digital maturity.  Since launch we have:

  • Re-designed the home and product pages to pivot the orientation of the site from brand consolidation (mission accomplished!)

Mobile Mini & Igility corner the mobile storage market with lead gen that scales
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Finding award-winning ROI through brand consolidation, marketing team enablement and the flexibility to evolve the marketing strategy for years to come.

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